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Our Students

The major change for me is now how I think. Having focus in my life, growth in my self-esteem and courage to stand for what I want.

I used the information to improve the slow pace of my brother's business, and surprised my family because I achieved in 3 weeks, a supplier deal that normally takes 2 years to accomplish.

In the next 3 months, we are opening another grocery shop because our capital has grown at such a quick rate. Thank you, Mandy and Bob, for the wonderful information you taught us.

I learnt to build confidence in myself, trust what I can do and not think about what other think of me. I have discovered a whole lot of things that I never used to know because I was confined in a certain kind of thinking. I built my personal life and educational life based on what I learnt from this programme.

I now have a business of my own and I see it growing and helping a lot of people.


After the mindset training programme, Marvin wanted to go to university to study Business Administration. Knowing now that he can do anything he put his mind to, he was able to source his own funding and enrolled in a university in Zambia, DMI-St. Eugene University.

On his third year, following his uncle's death, he reached out to ATCF to help him with the fees. Now, Marvin is on his last year in university and is set to graduate early 2023.

I am proud to say through this programme, I am now running my own small stationery business with hopes of expansion. The business has been running since 2019. At first, I started this business as a mean for survival but now I want it to grow with the knowledge I acquired in the training.

I used to have an old, negative paradigm with my self-image but I changed all this and replaced it with new and positive self-image. Before the programme, I used to take make-up as a hobby, but now I treat it as a business and am able to make money through it.

Everyone told me I couldn't do it, but I did!! I am also grateful to Mandy and Bob for the wonderful information shared with us. I have learnt that being part of a team is important and to remember that givers gain and cooperation is always more powerful than competition.

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