Who We Are

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Our Purpose

To leave a legacy; To make an impact.


Our Vision

For Africa to be a leading continent on the world stage of economics alongside global transformation; serving their own people and others across the world with leadership and inspired innovation for the benefit of all humanity.


Our Mission

To improve the quality of life for all young Africans one person at a time. Through mindset training, we provide the tools, education, and awareness for the young men and women of Africa to transform their own thinking and beliefs, empowering them to themselves, their communities, and their country for generations to come.


Our Values


We value everyone and treat people with dignity and professionalism.


We build trust through responsible actions and honest relationships.


We achieve more when we collaborate and all work together.


We grow through always being open to continuous learning.



The inception of the Africa Transformation Centres Foundation (ATCF) marks a remarkable journey driven by the shared passion and commitment of its three visionary founders: Mandy Evill, Mfon Etukeren, and Morlai Kargbo. The seeds of ATCF were planted when Mandy, an experienced entrepreneur deeply rooted in personal development, conducted a pilot project in Zambia, unveiling the transformative power of mindset training.


In pursuit of her decade-long aspiration to create a lasting impact on the youth of Africa, Mandy Evill found herself captivated by the views and ideas of Mfon Etukeren, a visionary she encountered during a compelling webinar. Eager to explore the potential for collaboration, Mandy reached out to Mfon. As they engaged in conversations, their visions resonated seamlessly, creating a harmonious blend of passion and purpose.

Mfon, Nigerian-born US citizen, with her distinctive perspective as a tax specialist, brought a unique dimension to the partnership. The duo recognised the need for a third integral force, leading them to Morlai, a seasoned professional in accounting and finance with a wealth of experience that added a valuable dimension to the team. Morlaiwas and still is one of Mandy’s long standing clients. Morlai was born and raised in Sierra Leone and moved to the UK to continue his career in Accounting and Finance.


United by a shared vision and a commitment to giving back, these three dynamic individuals forged a strong alliance. Their collaboration was sparked by a pivotal moment during a webinar, propelling them to join forces and create a foundation that transcends individual aspirations. The trio's diverse backgrounds and unwavering dedication converged to establish ATCF, laying the foundation for a transformative journey that continues to unfold.


Our Timeline

This journey showcases ATCF's evolution from a local pilot to an internationally recognised force for youth empowerment. With transparency, strategic growth, and impactful collaborations, the foundation has laid a compelling foundation for transformative change across the African continent.

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