Creating an Impact in the World

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How we create the impact

ATCF carries out projects based on mindset training for community youth groups and networks in partnership with local organisations throughout sub-Saharan Africa.

Each project provides a specialist and holistic mindset and personal development training for young people aged 18 to 25 — transforming their attitudes, developing an “entrepreneurial” mindset to enhance youth’s innovation, and providing a skill-set change in livelihood creation and leadership.

Global Goals


The 6-month mindset training proposed in the “Building Brighter Futures” project is a powerful paradigm-shifting programme presented in 12 logical, simple and practical lessons to ensure that the methods and success mindset become part of daily life and translate into real and tangible results.

The programme was designed using teachings and principles from various well-known mindset gurus such as Bob Proctor, Napoleon Hill, Wallace D Wattles, and more.

The core teachings of this programme have been delivered repeatedly over the course of 100 years and have helped global companies and thousands of successful people we know today.

The programme is designed strategically to create a profound and life-long impact in all aspects of personal life, work, relationships, confidence, and leadership skills. In order to achieve this, the curriculum of the Mindset Training Programme focuses on micro-habits and shifts to transform the greater whole.

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Curriculum Overview


The programme is presented in twelve logical, simple and practical lessons to ensure that the methods used, and a success mindset, become part of each individual’s thinking, actions and results, thus enabling a complete and exceptional return on investment. The mindset training programme is offered as a 6-month study programme but is forever accessible to students..

Quadrant 1Learning

The first quarter of the programme focuses on uncovering and learning about how we operate and relate to ourselves as individuals and begin the process of changed thinking and behaviour.

Quadrant 1Change

The second quarter goes deeper to change said limiting behaviours and attitudes, and to bring out the true potential of individuals, in order to increase confidence, productivity and creativity.

Quadrant 1Practical

The third quarter embeds all the learning so far into practical and tangible everyday solutions.

Quadrant 1Solidarity

The last quarter solidifies and compiles all the learning into life-altering personal and business transformation.

Results from there can be repeated over and over again taking individuals to higher and higher levels of achievement and performance.

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A sneak peek into the lessons....

Lesson 1Lesson

Goal Setting

Lesson 1Lesson

Know Your Own Mind

Lesson 1Lesson

Staying in Control

Lesson 1Lesson

Who Am I

Lesson 1Lesson

Goal Alignment

Lesson 1Lesson

Attitude and The Power of Giving

Lesson 1Lesson

The Power Behind Perfomance

Lesson 1Lesson

Shifting Frequency

Lesson 1Lesson

The law of Assumption

Lesson 1Lesson

Wealth and Prosperity

Lesson 1Lesson

Quantum Leap

Lesson 1Lesson

Mastering Your Way to Success

Programme Outcomes

CopyingBetter coping
skillsImproved problem solving skills
OptimismIncreased optimism for the future
EconomicImproved economic future
relationshipImproved relationship building
resilenceImproved resilience
optionsIncreased options
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